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Threat to school in Bay St. George took place this week


The latest threat to a school in the Stephenville area is not the one that forced a lockdown earlier in February. 

The latest incident took place on Thursday. It didn’t result in any police involvement at the school in question, which the RCMP would not name.

The threat was believed to have been aimed at a school in Ohio, which had the same initials as the school in Bay St. George. Police said the threat did not come straight to the school and radiated through social media posts.

Cpl. John Butler said the reason for the police release release was to warn people of what can happen when sharing social media posts. He said the alleged threat that was made in the posting had nothing to do with any person, or any school, in Newfoundland and Labrador.

There was some confusion during an interview on the incident Thursday resulting in The Western Star publishing a story saying it was the incident that took place Feb. 2. during that incident, the school was placed on lockdown and armed poilice oficers guarded the outside of the school. The investigation into the lockdown at Stephenville High School continues.

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