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Town of Deer Lake, Parsons Funeral Home told to cease any work on crematorium until appeal dealt with

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The Town of Deer Lake and Parsons Funeral Home have been told to put a halt to any work on a crematorium approved by council last week.

The town had approved the facility for the funeral parlour on Main Street at its public meeting Oct. 16.

Since then, though, some neighbours of the funeral home have voiced their objection to the plans and have filed an appeal of council’s decision with the Western Regional Appeals Board.

On Friday, appellants Kayla Critch and Stephen Brent received a copy of a letter sent to the town and the funeral home by the appeals board. The letter requests the town forward certain information to the appeals board and provide a submission in response to the appeal that has been filed.

The town has 15 days to provide that information, according to the letter.

The letter goes on to inform the municipality that, when such an appeal is filed, all work related to the development under the appeal shall not proceed until the board makes a decision.

The appeals board, if it deems a hearing is necessary, will schedule to hear the appeal after it has all the relevant information it has requested.

Critch and Brent say they don’t mind the funeral home expanding, but would rather see the crematorium not be located in an area that includes private homes, a school, a popular walking trail and other businesses.

An online petition started by Critch and Brent in support of their opposition to the crematorium’s location had gathered 418 names as of deadline Friday.

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