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What can be done about the roads?

A Corner Brook resident had a scare earlier this week driving along Main Street towards Humber Road when a chunk of concrete fell from the Lewin Parkway overpass above him. Luckily, the piece of concrete hit the road first and the damage to the vehicle was to its undercarriage. The chunk was significant in size, estimated to be around three feet long and maybe a foot or so wide.

Question: What do you think about the condition of our roadways and what do you think should be done about it?

Cec Harding, Corner Brook

The potholes are bad enough, but when you have to look overhead for something to come you have to look both ways. That was close enough the other day. I don’t know what can be done, but there is a safety issue.

Rex Stirling, Pasadena

I think there’s a lot of bridges that need to be looked at because they’ve been there for quite a while and this is just one of them. But, unfortunately the provincial government is in a position whereby it can’t afford to keep up the infrastructure because of a debt problem. If something isn’t done soon to (repair) a lot of bridges in Newfoundland there’s going to be a serious accident.

Vickie Pilcz, Corner Brook

I don’t think our roadways are very good and I think a lot can be done. If they are out and about when the roads are awful why not get them done sooner than wait until they get really bad. It’s a safety issue and something has to be done to avoid something serious happening. 

Sharon Atkinson, Corner Brook

I think the roads are terrible and they need to be fixed. They should invest some money into our roads because we really need to do it when safety is a concern. That bridge needs to be fixed.

Rebecca Warren, Corner Brook

I think they are pretty bad, especially for people who walk a lot. The sidewalks are horrible. It is unsafe. You have older people and younger children walking in that area which is a pretty high-traffic area when you think about it.

Elvis Park, Corner Brook

The roads aren’t very good. There are potholes everywhere that’s all I can say. All I can say is the concrete is weak and it has to be fixed so people don’t have to worry about it being safe.

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