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What is the importance of jersey day?

This past week the nation has come together in an outpouring of support and grief following the tragic bus crash near Tisdale, Sask., on April 6 that claimed the lives of 16 people, 12 of them players on the Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League. On Thursday students and staff at Corner Brook Regional High wore sports jerseys and T-shirts, or yellow and green clothes to honour those lost and to show support for the survivors. We stopped by to chat with some of the students about the initiative.

We asked:

Why did you think it was important to wear a jersey? What message do you have for the people affected by the tragedy?

Jessie Lawrence

Level 1

I think it helps to keep their legacy alive, of the boys who were on the bus, some of them who died and some of them who are still trying to recover. I think it passes on a legacy that kind of makes them famous across Canada. If they were trying to be hockey stars, they’re definitely stars now.

Noah Penney

Level 3

I think it’s important because it really just shows our support and solidarity with the people who have been affected by the tragedy. I guess wearing the jersey was important, but the biggest thing for me was the money that we raised to support the families who were affected by it. All of Canada is behind them and they have the support of everyone. There’s so much support out there for them and despite their loss they still have a family in the entire country.

Britney Marsden

Level 3

It’s important to wear a jersey today because of the families of the Humboldt bus crash and all their friends, they were all affected and just to show support. And just to be there like mentally, I guess. Even though we’re in Newfoundland, and there’s a Newfoundland connection with Parker Tobin, you can still show support and help. They’re always going to be in everyone’s hearts. No matter if we’re from Canada or the U.S., everyone all over the world has shown tremendous support. And for the families who have lost loved ones, I’m very sorry for their loss. And for the survivors, just to keep fighting and hold on and you’ll get through it.

Brianne Bishop

Level 3

It was important for me just to show that we are all united as a nation and to support the survivors and the people affected by the Humboldt tragedy. Just to show our love. Another reason why I think it was important for a lot of us to wear jerseys today is because of the bus crash that happened near Grand-Falls. One of my best friends was on the bus when the crash happened. So, I think this accident, in particular, hits home for a lot of people in our school, because a lot of Silver Blades girls still go to school here. Their legacy is going to live on in every Canadian’s heart and we are all here to support you guys.   

Jadyn Normore

Level 3

For me, personally, my brother plays hockey and I also play sports, so travelling on the road all the time it just makes me feel connected with them. And it’s definitely not easy for them, so I just wanted to show my support. I would tell them to continue fighting and to keep being strong. Because it’s definitely not easy, but they can get through it and we’re all here for them.

Claire Beck

Level 3

It’s important to remember and honour the lives who were lost in the crash. They had their full futures ahead of them and it’s respectful to show your pride. I’m sorry that this had to happened to you guys, especially when you’re going to another game and you’re travelling as a team. From here, all you can do is live your lives in honour of their memories and don’t feel too sorry for yourself for surviving. You survived, you’re lucky to and live your life as you can.

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