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What is your favorite part of being involved with the music festival?

The annual Corner Brook Rotary Music Festival has been a showcase of young musical talent for nearly six decades. Through the years it has featured many who have gone on to establish fantastic careers in music. Even for those for whom music has just been a lifelong pastime, the festival experience provides youth with the confidence and inspiration to be better musicians.

Question: What is your favorite part of being involved with the music festival?

Deah Robertson

Age 10


I like getting up on the stage and performing in front of everybody and having fun with it the most. If you’ve practiced enough, you are confident and not nervous.

Will Brothers

Age 11

Piano, vocal

I enjoy singing the most and seeing the smiles on people’s faces. It shows me they are enjoying what I am doing and makes me want to do it well.

MaryJane Jacobs

Age 11

Violin, drums

I just love getting up there and playing the best that I can play. I like practicing for my performances, too, and then doing the best I can do when I get up there.

Jack Rigler

Age 17

Piano, saxophone

It’s a great opportunity to perform and get feedback about your performance from some of the best musicians in Canada. I don’t think I’d be going to music school next year without the experiences the festival has given me the last 10 years.

Ahlyah Randell

Age 16

Saxophone in wind symphony

My favourite part is learning more about music. When the adjudicators come and talk to the band, I pay attention to what they say and get to learn more about what music is all about and what I can do to improve.

Harry Callahan

Age: 15

Trombone in senior, Level 1 and jazz bands

I think the adjudication is the best part. They are usually very nice people and they get you to look at the music in a different way than you usually look at it. It gives you a different perspective and that helps make you a better musician.

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