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What to do about illegal dumping?

A large amount of trash was left on the side of Lady Slipper Road, a forest access road just west of the city, some time this past weekend. The Western Star carried a story on this illegal dumping in Tuesdays edition.


Question: Whats your reaction to hearing about people dumping garbage in the woods still going on in the Corner Brook area and what do you think can be done to deter people from continuing to do so?


Francis Mosher

Corner Brook

Its the citys own fault as far as Im concerned. You shouldnt have to pay to go into the dump. Go around the city and theres garbage everywhere. Got to figure out something to do about it so maybe a fine for $10,000 maybe would be a start for anyone dumping stuff where they arent supposing to be. I was disgusted when I seen it. We need to start recycling more stuff in Corner Brook thats what we need to do.


Myles Allen

Corner Brook

I think its unbelievable that people would be doing such a thing. Its not right and its making our environment worse. I think maybe there should be some free dumping. People shouldnt have to pay to go dump off their garbage. Maybe thats why its taking place, you never know. The city should definitely have stiff fines for anybody caught doing it.


Gus Turrett

Corner Brook

Its just disgusting. This place is beautiful, as we know it, and we take our kids in there and to see something like that, it hurts everybody and it hurts the environment. It makes no sense and its pretty much disgusting at the end of the day. I feel more trail cameras should be set up in high traffic areas and maybe more people hired on to make sure this doesnt happen again.


Len LeDrew

Corner Brook

They should get a fine automatically if they get caught. I think its ridiculous. Just throwing a bit of paper out is ridiculous. They dont give a shit, its as simple as that. Its really sad.


Joey Bennett

Stephenville Crossing

I think its crazy. I think people should just pay the extra bucks to bring it to the dump instead of ending up with a fine because its not worth it in the end. They should probably raise the fines and that may discourage people from doing it.


Don Connolly

Halfway Point

Thats not good for the environment. I dont agree with it at all. Ive never thrown even a wrapper out. I always got a garbage bag. We need to have it policed out there. Cameras out there would help and fines for whatever you can give them would probably help.

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