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Will Come Home Year bring people back to Corner Brook?

Earlier this week the City of Corner Brook officially designated July 19-28, 2019 as Come Home Year Week. We checked in with some people to find out if they think the event will bring people home.

WE ASKED: Do you think holding a Come Home Year will bring people back to Corner Brook? Who would you like to have come home?


Wish Quigley

Corner Brook

Oh yes, if they put out some advertising, especially in Calgary and Toronto. I would say you’d have quite a few who wanted to come, especially if you got an event or two that’s going to happen.

Natasha and Kaden, my daughter and grandson, in Calgary.



Terry Brake

Corner Brook

I think it’s a grand idea and I think a lot of people will come home. A couple of nice Newfoundland bands and parties will attract people.

My brothers and sisters in Ontario.



Marilyn Wiseman


Yes I do think it’s a good idea to have Come Home Year here. We grew up in Corner Brook and we lived away for 40 years and we retired back home here in 2012 ...  yes, I would love to see Come Home Year back here again.

All of my 12 brothers and sisters, the ones that aren’t living home, which is about seven of them, can all come home.


Don Connolly

Corner Brook

I’d say it’d be a good thing to come home. It will bring all the people together — camaraderie. They’ll be looking to do all the traditional things that they did when they lived here back years ago and visit family and friends.

My sister in Tucson, Arizona.



Alex Hancock

Deer Lake

It would be big for the whole west coast. I think it would bring a lot of people home.

I’d like my son to come home. He’s up in Fort St. John.


Norm Sansome


I guess it will. This is a reason for them to come on home. They’ve already got over 6,000 registered. How are they going to swing this on the ferry?

All me old girlfriends, fellers I went to school with.



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