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York Harbour’s Timothy Sheppard sentenced to 3 months for fraud

Timothy Sheppard is seen in provincial court in Corner Brook on Wednesday.
Timothy Sheppard is seen in provincial court in Corner Brook in this Western Star file photo - File photo

Timothy Sheppard was sentenced to three months in jail for fraud when he appeared in provincial court Friday.


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The York Harbour man, who has an 18-page criminal file that includes a conviction for rape, was calm and collected when Judge Wayne Gorman rendered his decision. Sheppard’s father sat quietly in the back of the courtroom as lawyers for both sides went over the facts of the case.

Sheppard pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud under $5,000 and possessing property obtained through crime.

The court was told that Sheppard cashed two cheques from the same man in July 2016 after being asked by a female friend to do so. The woman told him up front that the cheques, one written out for $500 and the other for $605, were stolen but he proceeded to cash them anyway.

The second fraud incident occurred in February 2017 when Sheppard cashed a cheque for $800 belonging to another man, again his action a response from the same woman asking him to cash a cheque that he knew was stolen.

The Crown had asked for a four-month sentence, while the defence asked for a sentence lower than four months and for consideration toward house arrest as a more appropriate sentence.

Sheppard, who apologized to the court, was ordered to pay $400 in compensation, half of the money stolen from the man in the most recent incident because Judge Gorman didn’t think the victim in the most recent incident would get the money back from Sheppard.

Sheppard will also have to hand out $400 in victim surcharge fines and has 30 days from

Friday’s court appearance to pay it off. He can apply to the court for an extension if he wishes.

Sheppard will have 15 days knocked off his sentence to reflect the time he’s been in custody.

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