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Burin considers property auction to recover taxes owed

Town hall in Burin
Town hall in Burin - SaltWire File Photo

In an effort to settle outstanding accounts with some residential property owners, the Town of Burin’s finance committee is considering selling the properties to the highest bidder.

Town manager Leo Hartson told The Southern Gazette on Wednesday, March 27 that towns are required under the municipalities act to recover monies owning on properties.

“Our goal first is to sell the property with the intention of getting the taxes owed on it,” he explained. “If that doesn’t occur then we aim to get the best price for it, to apply to the bill.”

While Hartson said he could not get into specific details, he did provide an example.

“If you owed $2,000 in taxes, then our goal is to get our $2,000 in taxes; if we can’t get that then we have to call off the auction and re-advertise for another months' time and then try to get the best value – we can’t let a property go (for) less than the amount of taxes that’s outstanding on the first auction.”

Hartson said the last time the town held a sale of this nature was in January 2018.

“One of those properties that never sold last time, we do have some interest, so it will be going back up again on auction.”

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