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More charges dismissed in Stephenville domestic dispute case

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A 33-year-old man who was living in Stephenville at the time he received eight charges had two more charges dismissed in court this morning.

In Stephenville Provincial Court in late March he had four charges dropped, including: attempted murder, attempting to suffocate, damage to property and uttering threats.

In court on Tuesday, Judge Lynn E. Cole dismissed two charges, including theft of a phone and break and enter.

He will be sentenced to two remaining charges including one of assault and another of unlawful confinement, to which heentered guilty pleas.

Judge Cole said the intent to confront the victim by being unlawfully in a dwelling was proven by Crown Prosecutor Susan Gallant and that she established the intent to commit assault.

“The Crown has proven this evidence beyond a reasonable doubt,” she said. “She (victim) had a right to privacy in the middle of the night.”

Judge Cole set a late afternoon appearance to decide a date for sentencing the accused and hoped that it could be later this week, since the man has been in custody since the offense occurred on Jan. 12 of this year.

A publication ban is in place on an information that could lead to the identity of the complainant.

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