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Victoria park vandalized with vulgar imagery

The Beaver Pond Lookout in Victoria was recently vandalized.
The Beaver Pond Lookout in Victoria was recently vandalized. - Chris Lewis


In an area of Victoria where people come to enjoy nature and the scenery, vandals have tried to take that away.

The Beaver Pond Lookout is a park in Victoria that sees significant traffic from residents.

Over the weekend of Oct. 6, it was discovered that some rocks along the trail had been defaced with black spray paint, featuring some graphic imagery.

It is unfortunate this happened at a time when the town is awaiting a plaque to erect at the site to hold an official opening of the park, which will be dedicated to two Victoria residents who lost their lives at the pond in the winter season of 1950.

Attention in that area has shifted to town employees being tasked with dealing with the vandalism. Since the discovery, the rocks have been overturned until the town can decide on a more long-term solution to hide or cover up the graffiti.

“We’re going to be taking action against this, once we figure out who’s responsible,” Mayor Barry Dooley told The Compass. “It’s scandalous that people are doing this kind of stuff.

“Here we are, trying to beautify our town, and someone is going behind us and defacing it like that.”

The mayor intends to have the matter pursued and to take legal action if necessary against those responsible for the vandalism.

“There’s got to be a stop put to this type of thing,” Dooley said.

The Town of Victoria took to social media to express their concern over the incident, asking anyone with information to reach out to them through the town office. They are also asking residents to have a look through their sheds and garages in case they are missing any black spray paint.

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