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South Coast Newfoundland and Labrador couple win $1 million in lottery

Pheobe and Dwayne Cox of Wreck Cove won $1 million on a Scratch’N Win ticket.
Pheobe and Dwayne Cox of Wreck Cove won $1 million on a Scratch’N Win ticket. - Contributed

Pheobe and Dwayne Cox of Wreck Cove are Atlantic Canada’s newest millionaires, after winning a top prize on the Ultra Scratch’N Win ticket.

“We were on our way to the trailer, I took my son to the store to rent a couple of movies and decided to pick up a couple of tickets. I scratched them later and won on both,” Pheobe said in an Atlantic Lottery news release.

“The next day on our way home from the trailer, I used the winnings to purchase two more tickets, including another Ultra,” Pheobe said.

“I was in the back seat of the truck when I scratched it and my husband Dwayne was driving.

“I kept screaming from the back seat and I must have said it 10 times to him ‘I just won a million dollars, a million dollars. We are rich, we are rich, we are rich.’”  

Dwayne said Pheobe asked hime to stop the truck.

“And she got out and danced in the middle of the road and all the time she was she was still screaming ‘A million dollars, we are rich,’” he said.

Top prize on the Ultra ticket is $1 million and the couple have plans for their winnings.

“We have a small amount of debt to pay off, Dwayne has been wanting a new truck, and I would love a new SUV,” Pheobe said.

Dwayne and Pheobe have two sons, ages 13 and 20, and they plan to look after their education as well as some treats for their boys. They said they will help their parents with some home repairs.

The couple has no plans to retire from their jobs in the fishery, and will work because they want to.

“Pheobe fishes for lobster and I fish lobster, crab and halibut. We are out in all kinds of weather because you can’t afford not to. Next season we can afford to stay home on those iffy days,” Dwayne said.

Pheobe has only ever left the province via car and ferry to travel to Nova Scotia. She will now take her first ever plane ride when she travels to Cuba next March with friends. The Cox’s currently live in a mobile home in Wreck Cove and while they won’t be moving from their hometown, they will be building a new house.

“We will build a new home and will likely stay in Wreck Cove for a while,” said Dwayne, “There’s only about 75 people in the community and right now we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

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