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Ask the People: What are your thoughts on Springdale taking a stand against the painting of crosswalks?

The City of Corner Brook decided to paint its crosswalks with pride colours in June 2016. It was a way to spread a message of diversity and pride in the region was the thinking behind council’s decision. Meanwhile, the Town of Springdale voted against it this month.

Question: What are your thoughts on the town taking a stand against the painting of crosswalks?

Fred Jackman, Corner Brook

I would have voted for it. I don’t think it was very good to do that. I don’t see anything wrong with gays or lesbians and I think they should have showed support by painting them. I think people should be positive about all people regardless of who they are.

Don Connolly, Halfway Point

To each their own I say. These people are born like this and it’s not a decision they made. It’s beyond their control so why not show these people some support. It’s their decision and it’s their town and this is our town, so everybody don’t have the same thoughts and why be so narrow-minded not to paint them.

Elizabeth Pashe, Corner Brook

Are they saying it’s not right to support that stuff? If so, then they’re being ignorant and foolish because to not support and to show them like Corner Brook has isn’t right. I have friends who are gay and they were so happy to see the crosswalks painted in the city because they knew it meant support for their lifestyle choice.

Bernard Pittman, Corner Brook

They should paint the crosswalks. It’s a free world now. Everybody got their own way and it’s not like back in the day with people in the closet. Everybody should be treated equal as far as I see it.

Barry Gosse, Corner Brook

I think that more people should be against it. There’s so much stuff that money could be better spent on and not on that junk, to me I don’t think it’s right. Newfoundland is so far behind everybody else that they shouldn’t be spending money on that and I’m glad for Springdale. I’m not against the people but I’m against what they are for. I’m a Christian and I believe in the bible, and God made Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve.

Jackie O’Connell, Corner Brook

Honestly, hearing this kind of ruined my day a little bit. I am just returning home from Ontario and very proud to be a Newfoundlander , and I always thought we were open-minded people. When I heard they were doing the crosswalks everywhere else I was so proud, as I always am, to say I’m a Newfoundlander. But, hearing that a certain place doesn’t want to have any part of it kind of makes me think why is that person in power or why is that person there if they have biased opinions? To me, that’s discrimination at its fullest and I don’t agree with their decision.

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