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Column: Availing at will

Dave White
Dave White - The Western Star

Through the valleys, on the hills, up the harbour, down the shores and out the bays, outdoor adventurers and guys with politically corrected joy toys (read: scoops, snowblowers, plow- and track-equipped fourwheelers, powersleds and highway flyers) delighted in putting the latest big dump of winter white in its place the other day. Single-handle shovellers, not as much. As much, just not as quickly.

Thankfully, for the neighbours’ help, the clime has been just fine ever since.

To be sure, the ice and snow are soon to go, again. Avail at will. Not that some won't. You know who you are.

Snowmobile enthusiasts like television’s Cold Water Cowboy Rick Crane of Cox;s Cove, Joshing Jeremy Brake of Meadows and others of acclaimed bayside backcountry endeavor avail new pal time cruising high in the much-hallowed North Arm Hills on the outer Bay of Islands, poster boys in season, seen nicely recovering from the withdrawal of January’s big thaw.

Pictures to be had along the heights of western Newfoundland are justly amazing, winter and summer. It’s just quicker to get up there in winter, and to get out of when changeful weather in the forecast. Do be safe, always avalanche-ready.

Across the Long Range Mountains of the south Humber lands into the highest peaks of Blow-Me-Down and the Lewis Hills, dare-devil power sledders enjoy any extended visits they get from The Old Man. The big air videos online are fascinating to see. It’s just too much for me.

More down the Earth, still others avail of the groomed snowtrails network and the last area winterfest socials aroundabouts, seen fuelling up at service centres near you.

The last of the March carnival capers give way to hundreds of speed demons finding their way upriver early next month to race the icy underhills uphill at the base of Mable Mountain. High-end shutter speeds are recommended there. No upending is required, please?

Do be safe.

Yes, end of winter is in the cards as Summerside Lions and the McIvers Men’s Service Club launch their respective carnival calendars this weekend.

Summerside’s slate of events kicks off with an affordable Lumberjack Breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausage, beans, toast, tea, coffee and juice, beginning 8:30 a.m. Saturday at the Lions Centre on Park Drive.

In hometown McIvers, the excitements get under way Saturday 2 p.m. with its annual mixed team darts tournament at the community hall. Teams of three women and three men compete for fun and prizes.

Carnival fare includes cards and bingo games, varied cuisine, sock parties, indoor and outdoor children’s events as weather allows, leading up to ever-festive local talent shows, dozens of entertainers attracting hundreds of weekend fans with their end-of-season repertoires.

It’s all worth checking out.

Happy Marching to spring.

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