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Column: Can I be serious?

Dave White
Dave White - The Western Star

Even if I don’t quit smoking again this year, I resolve to solve, for the first and only time, all that ails us socially, economically, spiritually. Any followers? It’s a new age. 61.

In real time, brighter outlook for old dogs like me and young families alike have been slowly taking shape down the bay in recent years. Dozens of new homes built in Irishtown-Summerside, mid-scale paving projects and other infrastructure development on the north shore in recent years speak well of our capacity to plan for growth seemingly foreseen as projects are made to progress. Good news for municial tax bases, maybe.

Discussion being entertained in some quarters suggest that regional recreation culture can be expanded in the coming together of program planning that enables best use of existing and newer facilities being built or already in place around the bay. World-class rural lifestyles available, a safe and welcoming home environment for young families to raise children, grow business and take safe and sane retirements.

The undying commitment of volunteers — including the leadership of young and open municipal leaders like new mayors Jamie Brake of Meadows and Susan Park-White in McIvers who welcome opportunities in service provision and and growth in their tax bases — yet work and play for the greater good.

The representative cluster of projects ongoing and newly-underway in the broader community recreation community enables greatest inter-community relations and mutually beneficial collaborations.

Whatever else comes of 2018, the old dogs and some newer pups will be out entertaining and being entertained as the carnival that is winter in Bay of Islands continues in this Year of the Dog. No milling around.

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