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Column: Ides of March ascends upon calends of April

Dave White
Dave White - The Western Star

Through the ages, the fortnight of springtime is seen by fate and through faith a time betwixt and between in which to beware and to be aware, to fear and to fear not.

This year, the proverbial ides (middle) of March and the ascendant calends (first day) of April respectively share fateful and faithful chronology, predisposed predictions in the annals of time included at spring fortnight 2018.

Today (Thursday), March 15, marks the anniversary of at least 10 historical significances (see others online) documented as far back as 44 BC, when Roman Emperor Julius was assassinated after receiving fair warning that he “Beware the ides of March.”

Otherwise accepted around the world as the fun time April Fool’s Day, the calenders of April 2018 observes the Christian ascension from death’s tomb unto forgiveness of humankind and a state of everlasting life, Easter Sunday.

Even so, the Facebook of life in modern times reveals a range of hope-filled and socially significant dates and discussions happening around our Bay of Islands during this fortuitous turn of the calendar.

The Gillams Volunteer Fire Department’s open invitation to local and area residents to participate in its ongoing online auction, a fundraiser to aid the works and services the brigade provides in the community at large, continues for another 10 days.

Donated items for sale are still being accepted. Starting last weekend, bidding can be accessed through the GVFD Facebook page through March 25.

Already, the auction includes a wide variety of items donated by local and area residents and businesses, with photographed listings Easter baskets and home decor, locally harvested fuelwood, brand name clothing and accessories, art, crafted items, baked goods, gameboards, car care tools, movie packs, bedding, exercise gear, equipment rental certificates, cookware and tableware, electronics, health and beauty products, gift certificates and framed pictures.

The highest final online bidders as of 9 p.m. on closing day will be declared winners of the individual items. Sales unfulfilled by March 28 will go to the next highest bidder.

Interest in community service continues to grow in our Bay of Islands with a movement afoot on the lower north shore to gain entry to Lions Club International, a non-political, secular community service organization with more than 46,000 local clubs worldwide.

Director Jocelyn Wilson Wheeler confirmed this week that an approach has been made to the Summerside Lions Centre to sponsor a new club in Cox’s Cove.

Summerside Lions president Chris Park and members of his executive have met with the new proponent on the matter. Advised that a membership of at least 20 members is required to qualify for entry to the organization, the Cox’s Cove leadership has been spreading the word locally and in neighbouring McIvers.

Meanwhile, Summerside’s goodwill contingent is this weekend holding a medical benefit fundraiser at the local Lions Centre for resident Ralph Loder, who is traveling to St. John’s for an extended period of therapy there. The open merchandize bingo is set for a 2 p.m. start this Sunday.

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