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GRENFELL MATTERS: Points of pride at Grenfell Campus

Patrick Arsenault
Patrick Arsenault - Contributed

In 2015, Memorial University took part of the International Student Barometer (ISB) for the first time and repeated the process last year. The ISB tracks and compares the decision-making, expectations, perceptions and intentions of international students from application to graduation. With feedback from over 3 million students worldwide across all student types, levels and years of study, the ISB is the leading benchmarking tool used to track the international student experience. It enables us to make informed decisions to enhance the international student experience and drive successful recruitment and marketing strategies. For the first time, we have enough data to track the satisfaction of our students over time.

I am proud to report that the overall satisfaction of international students at Grenfell Campus reached 94 per cent, compared to 87 per cent across Atlantic Canada and 90 per cent worldwide. Students at Grenfell Campus would also recommend attending our institution more than students at other campuses in Atlantic Canada and across the world.

After an internal consultation process, I am excited to start a new academic year. We are planning to put in place real changes to improve the experience of our international students, based on the ISB results. We are welcoming students, faculty, and staff to a public forum on the experience of our international students where the results will be discussed. There will be an opportunity for all to provide feedback and help us move forward with new initiatives to support international students. Community members are also welcome to attend if they want to learn more and participate in providing an excellent experience to our international students.

We are particularly proud of the following results:

Five Points of Pride

100 per cent satisfaction for the Bursar’s Office (during arrival)

100 per cent satisfaction for the Office of Graduate Studies

100 per cent satisfaction for Residence Assistants

100 per cent satisfaction for international student services

Satisfaction went up from 60 per cent to 92 per cent in just two years for arrival in housing.

Patrick Arsenault is the international student programming coordinator at Grenfell Campus.


1 - 3 p.m. International Student Experience Open Forum (AS2026)

Come learn more about new initiatives aimed at improving the experience of international students on our campus. There will be an opportunity to share experiences and make suggestions. All students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited. 

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