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How does everyone know that?

This old barn has sat on my grandfather’s property in Bay Roberts for decades.
This old barn has sat on my grandfather’s property in Bay Roberts for decades. - Nicholas Mercer

I’ve shaken a couple of hands and met a couple of people since moving to Corner Brook in February.

Aside from the customary hellos and how are ya’s, there is one thing that never escapes when I get around to telling these new friends where I’m from.

I tell them Bay Roberts and I get hit with the customary “up the ‘arbour, down the shore, come on Bay Roberts score some more.”

The first couple struck me a bit funny, but I just rolled with it.

I’ve never taken offense to it, so why would I start now in a city close to 700 kilometres from home.

Now, the last couple got me thinking.

How does everyone know that?

And why does the name Bay Roberts automatically draw it out of people.

Seriously though. I didn’t think “score some more” extended beyond the larger Conception Bay North area. Truthfully.

Like Biggie said, “it was all a dream.” Meaning I must’ve imagined that term being contained to the borders of the Baccalieu Trail.

I thought it was merely a rebuttal to some line a person from Bay Roberts had to suffer after levelling a similar dig onto someone from Spaniard’s Bay, Harbour Grace or Carbonear.

Nope, not the case at all.

As I’ve come to find out, it is the province’s way of having a little fun at our expense. Similar to using either townie or bayman depending on where you’re from.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. I mean, who am I to dispute a saying that clearly means we are superior in the game of hockey?

Obviously, the reason for it was to celebrate every time a team from Bay Roberts lit up the opposing goaltender.

Still there are questions.

Who was the person with the speech impediment that first termed this phrase?

How did it become the town’s unofficial goal song?

Did the person in question run around the rink screaming it the first time they thought of it?

How am I the only person who didn’t realize it was a provincial thing?

There are so many questions that I don’t have answers too.

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