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Summer’s coming

Dave White
Dave White

I have so many things to take care of that the only way it might ever all get done is if the world …  co-operated.

But, for this week, let us look just three weeks down the road.

Three weeks from now will be the week before the official start of summer, yet another time when local folk share their blessings with others in our own neck of the North Atlantic, beautiful Bay of Islands, N.L..

Through the valleys, up the harbours, down the shores and out the bays, we will have occasion to do that in Canada, surely 150 years on a nation of nations. Ever giving of ourselves, and learning and lending to sharings of ways and means.

Thinking of things the way they used to be, we move on into a new world order where past, present and future merge in a type of convoluted realty that smacks of the surreal and the sublime all at once.

The good news this week comes to include the longstanding promise of Bay of Islands Minterial Association’s to deliver an annual Christmas in June food drive now surviving decades beyond its inauguration in the last millennium.

Again this year, professional and volunteer firefighting brigades from around Bay of Islands and Humber Valley add their respective and respectable efforts to helping local and area families needing it.

The broader community supports the cause. On June 12, neighbours and friends of the incredible Humber-Bay of Islands region extend a helping hand by donating non-perishable food drive items in tagged bags on their front stoops, from where volunteers collect and distribute them to area food banks to help more good folk cope in changing times. Do be kind.

Late May and early June also heralds the arrival of migrating birds, assorted commercial and recreational fishies and whales and humans as spring gives way to lush summertime growth ashore, hometown family plans and overwintering socialites just coming out of hibernation in good and not good ways.

People here have long awakened to the sounds and songs of shorebirds and songbirds, the whoof of whales blowholes and the backdrop of The Lady Blomidon (Blow-Me-Down Mountain) in regal morning light. For caffeinating city-side workers enjoying a certain chill of a bay day beautified, water main breaks a lesser adored.

Nonetheless regal, commuting workers aroundabouts make the best of what is available and do whatever it takes to make the best of whatever magic may be just about to happen. You have to be here.

May flowers magically magnify June brides.

Are you ready for it?

Get the spring cleaning finished, the plumbling fixed, the doors hung and bigger plans under way.

Summer’s coming!

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