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Weather, wither, whether; or, not, times change

Dave White
Dave White

Dates observed of significance this week included Thursday, July 13 , 2017: Another personal trip to city to see a semi-retired doctor with lifelong ties to a personal practice in Corner Brook who, in latter years, accepts assigned clinic duty to write scripts, order tests and offer specialist referrals for patient people who have no secured family physician and real-time health issues.

Now 70-something years old, the good doc keeps his medical licence active and approved for use in Newfoundland and Labrador, even as the health care system sorts people, principle and priority. Just saying. A good thing in some cases. Peeing.

Aged emotions — complicated by physical health matters complicated by apparent lifestyle illnesses and inapparent newer realities, including belated job prospects and real-time volunteerism projects which otherwise feed of themselves among those young and lucky enough to have regular paydays, seasonal benefits notwithstanding — complicate life even further for babyboomers entering senior years. In short, life limited. Time off is due. Prospects are largely undecided.

Job listings diverse, similar 

Yet, looking at the federal job bank listings for Corner Brook and western Newfoundland online, prospects stand varied and sundry for insurable minimum wage occupations suited to young and old. You may think work aplenty. Mostly part-time, some are jobs to back up retirement. Some are for the young. Family folk eye consistency. Assorted. Best outlooks remain to be seen.

Eye on groundfish harvest

Federal fisheries officers are seen to be busy around local fishing docks in Bay of Islands checking out the recreational groundfish food fishery and the coincidental limited commercial groundfish harvest happening at once this month. Fish are plentiful, some big.

There have been no immediate reports of illegal activity, but some think it good to see cod stocks are being protected, even as some bait-fish species appear struggling after decades of prosecution.

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