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Winter is coming

Dave White
Dave White

'The Tern of The Millennium' have long gone from McIvers Island, another breeding season done.

Even the gulls have pulled out, for the most part. Low-flying cormorants, locally knowns 'shags', are on the move, too; and, high-flying geese are seen heading westard of late, taking the tourist route out of town.

Winter is coming!

Ravenous blackbirds, starlings, blue jays, and smaller flyers found lesser aggressive in the fall of the harvest, linger around local backyards to avail any handouts they may come to avail (read: wild bird seed The Mis'ess bought uptown to help fatten the littler ones for their long flights) en route to warming climates.

Oh, to have wings!

As the sun crosses the celestial equator headed south for another spring and summer over that hemisphere of our Earth, most seabirds and birds of the land migrate with it. Northern Summer 2017 officially ends at 5:31 p.m. on Friday, Sept 22, at the arrival of the autumnal equinox, a time marking 'equal' day and night starting the annual descent into colder days and shortened light. Even birdbrains can figure that out.

Moose on the loose

Opening weekend in the books, varying measures of backcountry success were being shared in social networks at last Saturday's start of the big-game season in Newfoundland. Big kills and smaller kills and no kills at all, just a fine day hunting moose, or whatever, for everyone reporting, that is. Some fine pictures in the great outdoors, too.

In the north and south Humber lands on backcountry Bay of Islands, by land and by sea, our adventurers' paradise came alive with women and men out and about trying to get their moose, g'rl.

Did you hear the one about how my first hunting partner on a male-only moose licence told everyone we knew at the time that I was the certainly the fellow for bagging that moose, b'y, because of I could "shoot the bull." And, I did. Do. Will. Well, just not this fall now. Me and an unnamed buddy didn't draw a hair in the licence draw this year.

Just as well, it is hard to find a bag big enough to fit a moose in. Even if the bull stood stock still. The antlers don't help.

88 and counting

The Outport News extends belated birthday wishes to Mrs. Elvie Park, a lifelong resident of McIvers blessed with lucky 8s this year. Now 88 years young as of Tuesday, Sept. 12, she yet fully appreciates card nights at the Golden SeaBreeze 50-Plus club and also continues to socialize at other community events. Aunt Elvie to many, she celebrated with a duely-decorated card cake and delightful treats and moments shared among family and friends.

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