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Editorial: Interesting while it lasted

Tina Olivero is out of the race St. John’s East-Quid Vidi. She buckled to the pressures of social media and bowed out of the race, but not without firing parting shots until her last political breath.

Earlier this week, the Progressive Conservative candidate was the subject of ridicule and criticism on Twitter after she claimed positive thinking, self-awareness and distilled water could heal people with cancer. Olivero had as much to say about people with mental health issues as well.

A firestorm ensued and media sought to find out more about this brash candidate who was turning heads and offending the masses with opinions that were not based in any medical or scientific data.

Multiple media outlets asked to interview Olivero, however she was having no part of it. She said she declined the requests as not to be “further misconstrued.”

Amid the attention, she posted a video on her Twitter feed modeled after the late-night talk show segments that show people reading offensive online comments about themselves. Making light of the negative reaction was probably not the best-laid plan we’ve seen on this campaign.

It was followed up with her lengthly post explaining that she was stepping down, and the reasons why.

“The media is not in control of our outcomes and I am not prepared to be held hostage by any media,” she wrote. “Stepping into a political campaign should not entail scrutiny with a targeted intent to harm — from the public or from the media.”

Olivero is not the first candidate to blame media for missteps along the way. In pretty much every political campaign at every level media is blamed for the shortcomings of parties and candidates.

This naivety is always a sure sign of desperation and sad hopelessness. When people have nothing to offer to gain votes or want to claw themselves out from a self-induced pit, media seems to be a fitting scapegoat. It’s right up there with always blaming the referee for the outcome of the game.

This resignation has now given Olivero time to think. She was not ready to play in the political ring, but that doesn’t mean she never will be.

Before the next time, though, she’ll just need some self-awareness, self-healing, self-curing and distilled water.

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