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EDITORIAL: Lots to be celebrated during Small Business Week

Editorial - SaltWire Network

It’s Small Business Week and celebrating successes in the area serviced by Long Range CBDC is alive and well.

Today the winner of the Leo Bruce Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence is being presented and some deserving company will be highlighted at a Bay St. George Chamber of Commerce sponsored event.

At the same event an overview of the Downtown Stephenville Masterplan being designed will take place through a presentation.

Upland of Halifax is the consultant that was hired to help create a community vision for downtown development in Stephenville. The project involves a detailed consultation with the community for a comprehensive design with recommendations for a phased development approach.

The modernization of the Stephenville downtown is due since the last time it was carried out was about 25 years ago, so businesspeople will be eager to see what’s being planned.

On Wednesday at the CBDC Long Range annual general meeting a business award of distinction will be presented to some company in the area, as that organization does each year. There are lots of businesses getting support from the CBDC and manage not to only survive but to also thrive.

Recognizing their achievements is important.

The process, as with the Leo Bruce Award, usually involves a number of nominees of successful enterprises but as with many other things, when there is a competition there is only one winner.

Then on Friday at an awards dinner there will be presentation of awards in 11 different business categories to the winners of those. It’s been narrowed down to 33 businesses with the top three in each category, which goes to show there are lots of eligible businesses in categories from  sustainability and environment, youth business to new business.

During the week seminars are also being held on tourism opportunities, tax tips for small business, doing business with the Government of Canada, community living networking and another on content creation.

While there are some small businesses that don’t survive, there are many that do despite the downturn in the economy and pressures from online sales and from larger corporations. Small businesses need to be celebrated and in the Long Range area they are through the many awards and activities taking place through this week.

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