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Editorial: Summer and construction go hand in hand


  As summer moves on, so do construction projects in Stephenville, including the reconstruction of Grove Street and a section of St. Clare Avenue.  

Both these jobs are being carried out by Marine Construction and, like all construction projects, people living in the area where they are taking place undergo some challenges and frustrations.

While they are taking the brunt of the annoyance, it’s not only those living on those streets that are inconvenienced as many motorists have to take detours to get around town.

It’s probably even more frustrating for tourists who are visiting at this time of year and have to take detours despite not being familiar with where they have to go.

For people who live in the construction zone, it probably feels like it will take forever before the job is completed, the street paved and everything else put back into place the way it was before the work started.

Having dust flying around and the constant sound of heavy equipment operating day after day kind of puts a damper on a person’s summer; however, it’s all the price of progress and getting improved services on a street that was getting in really poor shape.

What these people have to think of is the end product that a lot of people on streets in this province that are in poor shape will continue to have to put up with. Having this kind of money put into a project is really a good thing.

Mayor Tom O’Brien is saying the project is on time and on budget and it’s hoped that as it continues that it will stay on time so that it will be completed before it runs too far into the fall.

He praised the people who live in the area for their patience and realizes the frustrations, as with any project of this magnitude that involves digging deep and doing lots of waterline, sewage and storm drain work.

Some people feel the area that already has the underground services done should be paved now so that it’s better for those using it during the summer months, especially Main Street.

However, it would hardly make sense to do that work piece by piece as when curb and gutter is installed they usually do it from one end to the other. Paving and then having heavy equipment going over it right away is probably not such a good idea.

It’s funny, but once the project is completed people will likely forget in short order the construction period and just enjoy what they have.

Really, summer and construction go hand in hand.


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