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Editorial: Threats affect many

What a waste. Another bomb threat Wednesday morning at Stephenville High School is a reminder of the many affects that such a shortsighted idea can result in.

The most immediate use of resources was the RCMP, from those who handled the initial contact at the Telecom Centre in St. John’s, where the initial call was received, to the local police who were quickly on the scene and the officers trained in searching for explosives.

Then there are the members of the Stephenville-Kippens-Port au Port Search and Rescue team, who were on hand for support, and the Stephenville Fire Department which was placed on alert.

There are students who like to get a day off school no matter what it takes, and the person responsible for this hoax admitted to police that was his intention for posting the threat online.

But before anyone decides to make this guy a hero, guess what? It was less than four hours after first receiving the call on the threat that police made the arrest on the youth responsible.

In addition to resources, there is always a lot of stress placed on people — students, staff and those who have to go searching in the event the person is not caught in time.

Then there are all the parents of those students who have to be concerned when they hear about situations like this, especially since they don’t really know what’s going on. In this age of social media, it doesn’t take long before word travels.

There are those who live nearby who have to watch students and staff file out of the school every time there is some type of threat and an evacuation is required.

Yvonne Healey, a woman who lives near the school, said every time something like this happens it personally concerns her. She shared her concern for students who have to leave the school with no coats, especially during a previous bomb scare in February.

She hopes the youth responsible gets a good scare out of this and realizes how important it is not to do these things because of how many people are affected.

It’s a tough thing to battle when threats often become real. No longer can anything be taken for granted and police and other authorities, including the school board, have to react immediately to any threats. Sadly, many people suffer in different ways because of the senseless actions of others.

Hopefully in this case, the youth responsible realizes the error of his ways and doesn’t take any such action in the future.

Others would also do well to learn a lesson from his quick arrest before considering making any kind of a threat to a school.

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