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EDITORIAL: Time to make your property more fire safe

Editorial - SaltWire Network

Often we take it for granted and feel that it’ll never happen to us — a fire, that is.

Most of us feel a fire will not take place inside the walls of the place we live or work but the fact is that it can happen at any place, at any time.

Sure it may only start as a spark, a short in wiring, a burner on a stove left on while you are away from it, a lit candle that tips over or some other type of open flame.

Yes, I can get it out is the first thought; however, the fact is that a fire can spread very quickly no matter how it takes place and if not suppressed immediately can cause a lot of damage and even result in death.

Today’s building and furniture materials burn way faster than the materials that were made in the past. Real wood has been substituted for more composite materials, changing the chemical properties in them and often making them more combustible and rapid burning.

Fortunately, the modern day has also brought instruments that detect smoke, heat and harmful chemicals early. These alarms can tell you when it’s time to get out of a building because of anything from smoke to carbon monoxide.

It’s great these tools are available but they are only as good as the life that’s brought to them through direct wiring or the batteries installed in them.

This being Fire Prevention Week, it’s a good time and reminder to check the working order of these instruments. They all have ways of testing them and carrying out those tests is crucial to making sure you have working equipment.

During Fire Prevention Week and beyond, members of the Stephenville Fire Department including auxiliary members will be going door-to-door distributing fire prevention materials and discussing any questions residents of the town have regarding fire safety.

The visits are for the benefit of the resident and not meant to force compliance regulations but simply ask questions and concerns.

During the visits, the fire department representatives will also gladly check smoke alarms.

School visitations will also take place during Fire Prevention Week and spreading the word to young people about fire prevention is important as youth are the people who have to push fire prevention forward.

The importance of fire prevention cannot be overstated and the extent of spreading it to all aspects of the community is critical.

Do what you can to make your property more fire safe.

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