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Spring time stress relievers


Now that June is drawing near, it’s the time of the year to start getting outside and being active.

For some people, that’s going for a walk, for others jogging, while others enjoy riding on something with wheels to get their exercise – whether it’s inline skates, scooters or bicycles.

Others enjoy their recreation by hitting the golf course and playing a round, while some of the younger crowd head out to the skate park.

Another thing that provides a combination of enjoyment and exercise for some people is gardening, digging into the soil with different implements and planting different things.

For some it’s flowers and shrubs, while others enjoy planting seeds for food items. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you plant, getting into it is fun and for some it’s rewarding from seeing the flowers come into bloom to reaping the harvest in the fall or throughout the summer, depending on what’s planted.

For someone just getting into planting, it’s perhaps better to start small and add more different things each year.

People who have a limited amount of land to work with for planting can certainly look into renting a community garden plot. Stephenville and Kippens, along with a number of other towns in Western Newfoundland have them.

It’s usually not too hard to get advice on planting as those who have experience in the area  generally don’t mind sharing their knowledge, from tips on the best time to put seeds into the ground to appropriate fertilizers, to when to water or not.

Carrying out regular chores in the garden, from fertilizing, watering, weeding, hilling, mulching to finally harvesting, all provide exercise.

Growing anything from herbs to root and leaf vegetables and fruits are all considered useful plants and are great for consumption and a healthy diet. By growing your own you can be assured you know exactly what goes on them and that they are safe to eat.

After doing some type of repetitive work all day, there’s something about putting your hands in the dirt, digging and creating something that’s beautiful and stress relieving.

While it’s not for everyone, as some people get squeamish when they see certain pests in the garden, it’s still great exercise and actually relaxing for others who hardly notice the time passing by while they’re at it.

If you don’t already, gardening might be worth giving a try. If it’s not your thing, hit the golf course, jump on your bike or get your legs in motion by walking or running.

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