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The big reveal


Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time for the big reveal again.

What’s left of the snow is topped with sand that was used on the roads during the winter and as usual there’s plenty of debris from candy bar wrappers and potato chip bags to coffee cups and shopping bags.

In Stephenville there seems to be an extra amount of sods dug up this year from the snow plowing operations and its likely there will be many residents phoning the town hall to make complaints about that issue.

There are also the annual potholes in the streets to contend with and employees with the town’s public works department are already out patching some of them.

The worst section of road is across what’s known as The Ramp in Stephenville and eventually public works will get to that, but for now the speed limit has been reduced to 25 km per hour and for good reason.

It’s just impossible to avoid the potholes on that section of road because there are so many and in places they span right across the two lanes, so going in the alternate lane when there is no oncoming traffic doesn’t even work.

Avoid that section of road if possible but don’t forget that if you take Route 490 to slow down from the posted 80 km to 30 km or perhaps even slower where a culvert has been replaced at the brook running into Noel’s Pond.

It was done late last fall and wasn’t able to be paved. That spot gets really bad after a heavy rain, so even a lower speed wouldn’t hurt.

It will be a little while yet before the asphalt plants are up and running, so patience with getting some of the patching will be necessary. Taking your time driving anywhere there are potholes would be wise. The extra time you take could save front end parts on your vehicle and tires and rims.

Back to the debris, although there are people who get out right away cleaning up their properties and perhaps even a little beyond, the major spring cleanup efforts are usually left until May.

That’s when organized efforts take place by local groups in different towns. It’s about the same time when things start to green up and those April showers have started things blossoming, from the buds on the trees to the early flowers.

April is a time that brings the big reveal of some of the mess left from winter but it’s also a time of rebirth and people coming out of their homes and enjoying the outdoors once again, even if it’s not perfect.

Patience need to be exercised for things like pothole filling and cleaning up. Better days are ahead for smoother rides and cleaner environments.


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