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A letter from the mom with the stolen Grinch

“Mommy, a bad person took our Grinch, but a nice person brought it back!”

Brianna Ereaut, age 3, with her returned Grinch.

The readers of the Western Star have probably read the story of the stolen Christmas lawn decorations from Kawaja Drive and Sunnyslope that was in Friday’s paper. But what you haven't heard yet, is that we were lucky enough to get our home-made Grinch decoration back, and we have social media to thank.

My name is Amanda Ereaut. When I woke up on Thursday morning and discovered that someone had stolen our wooden Grinch from our lawn, at first I was shocked. Then I got angry.

I got up that morning with my two daughters, aged 3 years and 8-and-a-half months old. When we looked outside and saw that the Grinch was gone, the oldest, Brianna, started to cry.

"Why would someone steal my Grinch, Mommy?" She didn't understand the concept of stealing. She just knew her Grinch was gone. I quickly posted a picture on Facebook and Corner Brook Classifieds in the hopes that someone might see it.

That night while we were eating supper, a knock came at the door. Our friend Ashley Elizabeth couldn't bear the thought of a little girl being so sad over someone else's greedy actions and had brought Brianna a 6-foot inflatable Santa Claus to cheer her up. It worked.

By the next day, we had no word on the missing lawn decoration and thought it was gone for good. But then the phone rang. It was a lady whose daughter had been walking her dog out on the ring road and found our Grinch in a ditch. When that kind woman returned the Grinch, Brianna was watching from the kitchen window, you could see her ear-to-ear grin from the end of the driveway.

It just goes to show you the influence that social media can have in a community like this. My original post was shared 82 times. Without it, I don't think we would have gotten our Grinch back.

I can only hope the family of the missing snowman has as much luck as we did, and the persons responsible for stealing Christmas decorations off of people's lawns show some Christmas spirit and let everyone enjoy the holidays.

Amanda Ereaut, Corner Brook

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