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Come on rafters of the Humber River, use your heads

['WS-xx-letter to the editor']
['WS-xx-letter to the editor']

Dear editor: As this summer of 2017 continues, so to do the number of people anxious to descend the Humber River from Steady Brook to Ballam Bridge in their rubber rafts.  

Each day as the temperature soars so do the numbers.

I live in Steady Brook. I’m not complaining. The majority of people are abiding with the wishes of the town and not blocking traffic, not blocking people’s driveways and not parking on private citizens' lawns. For that I thank you.

Then there are the few inconsiderate, lazy morons who feel that the regulations don’t apply to them and they make it bad for everyone else.
Friday was a scorcher. My wife wanted to take the boat out for a ride on the river. But we couldn’t. Two of the above-mentioned inconsiderate morons decided to park in the roadway leading to the boat launch and making the access next to impossible with a trailer.

Me, I was all for backing down the trailer regardless and morons be dammed, but the voice of reason that is my wife persuaded me that it just wasn’t worth it.

Thursday evening past there was a potentially deadly incident on the river. A small aluminum boat with two people on board capsized on Steady Brook Shoal. Luckily there were four local residents fishing from their boats and were quickly able to pluck the two young people from the water and tow their overturned boat ashore. A happy ending indeed with just the loss of some personal property.

What if that had happened on Friday afternoon with no locals out in their boats?

Neither fire/rescue nor ambulances would have been able to access the boat ramp because two individuals decided to make the ramp their private parking space.

Come on people, use your heads.

You’re a visitor here sharing a marvellous resource with many. The key word: sharing.

On another related subject: as all of us who live here and watch the armada leave each day well know, there is a serious lack of life jackets or PFDs in evidence on most rafts.

The Humber is a powerful river with a relentless current. It’s not an "if" but a "when" the next serious incident happens and the results will be far more tragic than happened Thursday night.

The need to bring along some “beverages” and the apparent blind eye that the authorities are displaying also leaves me scratching my head.

Come on people, use your heads before you lose what you have.

Derek Morrissey, Steady Brook

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