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Gros Morne has more culinary delights

Dear editor: It was lovely to see your paper taking an interest in the culinary delights of Gros Morne, of which there are many. 

I read your article with interest, waiting to see what you would say about my favourite restaurant in Gros Morne, the Sugar Hill Inn's Chanterelles Restaurant.

Sadly, there was no mention at all — a curious omission.

Owner Vince McCarthy attracts the finest chefs, and is a wonderful chef and sommelier himself! His rack of lamb is superb, for one. His ingredients are carefully chosen, from local suppliers and simply the best quality.

I guess your writer missed the opportunity to dine on such delicacies as: freshly picked chanterelles, home-grown Belgian endive, fresh halibut and the very best selection of wines on this coast. 

I hope your readers won't make the same omission.

Anita Best, Norris Point

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