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Just let Muskrat Falls go


Danny Williams can’t seem to let go of Muskrat Falls because he was the one who started the project in the first place.

He is supposed to be a very smart man.

Couldn’t he see that big commodity prices are going to go down because of suppressed world demand aboard?

Muskrat Falls could have been developed when our economy is good because we would need the extra power then.

What happened to the power that the pulp mill in Stephenville provided when that mill closed down?

What happened to the power that they clawed back when Grand Falls Mill closed down? More power can be derived from Bay D’Espoir with new infrastructure put in place producing another 150 megawatts.

Little Grand Lake is nine miles in length, an expanse of water untapped. A penstock could be drilled through the mountain from Little Grand Lake and linked to the power station on the banks of big Grand Lake producing possibly up to 150 megawatts of power at a low cost.

Wind Power is an industry that could provide jobs and hydro power. One thousand wind generators could be equal to Muskrat Falls in megawatt output. This project could provide many jobs through construction and installation.

Danny it is better to be thought of a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt!

Robert White

Deer Lake


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