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Letter: Autism-friendly Port aux Basques resonates in B.C.

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the editor

When I read of Port aux Basques being described as the most autism friendly town in Canada I was interested for two reasons.

Over 50 years ago in 1960 I disembarked at Port aux Basques from the Newfoundland ferry the William Carson and embarked on “The Bullet” for Gander.

There are many stories extolling the speed of this fabled train.

One I remember. A woman enquired of the conductor as to when the train would reach St. John’s, as she was pregnant and about to deliver.

“If you are pregnant and about to deliver you should not have got on the Bullet.”

“I was not pregnant when I got on!”

I have a grandchild who was diagnosed at around 18 months as being on the autism spectrum in the moderate to severe category. At around 18 months she regressed in her development, losing previously acquired skills.

It was heartbreaking to see a little child commencing life’s journey so alone in her own strange world.

In addition to the ABA program we engaged her in many activities aimed at promoting physical coordination and social integration. Details of these efforts on Chloe’s behalf can be accessed if one Googles, “Dr. Denis Rogers and autism.”

Chloe is now nine and has shown remarkable attenuation of her symptoms of autism.

She functions in the correct grade in school and has shown a steady improvement over the years.

Denis Rogers

Sechelt, British Columbia

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