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LETTER: Bringing Christmas cheer to the Corner Brook trail

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Would you like to help decorate a tree for Christmas on the Corner Brook Stream Trail?

Those of you who use the trail system year round will notice a tree (between the Glynmill Inn pond and the playground side of Margret Bowater Park) that has a Christmas decoration on it.

With a large number of people still using this trail to walk their dog, enjoy a stroll, take the kids to the pond, etc., if we each put one decoration on this tree we could decorate it for the season.

I noticed a decoration on this tree (which is on the right-hand side of the trail as you are walking towards the pond parallel to O'Connell Drive) in early December. Sporadically throughout the trail system you will notice other Christmas ornaments on various tree branches.

If we focused our attention on dressing this one tree, it would be enjoyed by everyone.

I ran the idea by the executive director of the trail system, Brent Humphries, and he is fine with it.

If we all lend a hand over the next couple of weeks we can have a Christmas tree on the Corner Brook Stream Trail that will rival the Griswolds’! And if I get an extension cord long enough to light up the Christmas lights, I'll ensure we won't fry a cat!

So, who wants to help decorate this tree for Christmas?

Bern Kenny

Corner Brook

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