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Letter: Doctors can’t always find work in N.L.

Dear editor: In the March 17 Western Star, Mike Basha’s letter to the editor asked the provincial government to consider requiring all newly graduated physicians from Memorial University to work in Newfoundland for a few years in order to address the physician shortage. I can appreciate his frustration.

I went to medical school at MUN out of similar concerns about a physician shortage. Unfortunately, the issue of MUN-trained physicians leaving the province is not always as simple as it sounds. I know a good many doctors who would love to come back home to Newfoundland to work but can’t because there are no jobs in their field.

I would urge the province to look at ways of repatriating the doctors they trained and who would love an opportunity to come home. A good place to start would be to survey 1) current medical trainees and ask them what they think their chances are of getting a job in Newfoundland and Labrador, and 2) MUN medicine alumni living away and ask them what prevents them from working at home. It’s not always higher wages or greener grass on the mainland.

Dr. Monica Kidd, Calgary, formerly of N.L.

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