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LETTER: Hughes Brook council looking for help


Dear Santa,

Could you please arrange two councillors for our town?

Since Dec. 20, 2017, our council has been short two councillors who allegedly violated the Municipalities Act and had to vacate their seats. An appeal was made for help on April 13, but we have heard nothing since.

We had three remaining councillors, one of which was to work out of the country on times. Scheduling meetings with time differenced doesn't allow him to attend council meeting electronically. Another councillor resigned due to work commitments, but his seat was filled with a byelection.

I, as the new councillor, have contacted Municipal Affairs, which was helpful, but all politicians contacted said their hands were tied.

The three councillors have been given special permission from the minister to vote on an emergency issue; this is helpful but not enough.

We need two more councillors.

The Justice Department must make a decision one way or another on the appeal.

We have exhausted all channels.

Santa, it's up to you.

Bruce Lidstone,
Hughes Brook councillor

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