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Letter: Increases, greed are the culprits

Dear Editor: From time to time I hear fairly intelligent people talking about the huge gap that exists between the rich and the poor, but no one seems to want to do anything about it, hence we have three classes of poor.

The very poor who have nothing, some with not even a roof over their head. The poor who depend on government assistance to keep their families from starving. Then we have the working poor, those on minimum wage or slightly over, trying so very hard to keep a roof over their heads and raise and educate their families in a society where highly paid individuals with high six figure salaries are paid to sit on the board that sets the minimum wage and then tell you that the average minimum price of a home in Canada today is in the two to three hundred thousand dollar bracket.

A very difficult task to be sure. Each time you give a percentage increase to different skilled workers you widen the gap between the different classes of workers. If, over the years, wages had been given on an across-the-board system, we wouldn’t have the disparity we have today.

Governments and labour unions from time to time make decisions that are not in the best interest of society. For instance, when they replaced the eight hour day, 48 hour work week with the 12 hour shift, they created a very stressful work day. Ask any employee who works in a stressful position how he or she feels after working the three weekend, 12 hour shifts and you may fine some dangerous work ethics.

Mr. Bill Pardy, in his letter a few days ago, stated that 62 people own 50 per cent of the wealth of the world and have the power to control government. Mr. Bernie Sanders, candidate for president of the United States, said that one per cent of the world controls the wealth of the world.

What we desperately need is another Abe Lincoln and a Martin Luther King, who left a legacy remembered throughout the universe. Mr. Ball and Mr. Trudeau, what will your legacy be?

Hedley J. Saunders, Corner Brook

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