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Letter: Let’s all move to someplace cheaper


Someone asked the question on Facebook: why can you buy a dozen beer in Quebec for $16 and change and have to pay almost 30 bucks in newfoundland — a matter of concern if you like your beer, and apparently we do, as we consume more beer in this province than any other.

But then there are a lot of questions that we could ask about this province, such as (even before the latest hike) why can I put gas in my tank at an outlet in St. John’s for a buck-15 and drive down the road a few hundred clicks and pay close to a buck-30? Why can someone on the other side of the gulf pay less than a dollar for the same gas I’m paying $1.30 for? Why do we pay so much more for insurance than our neighbours in the province of Nova Scotia do?

Why don’t we have our hospital on the west coast that was promised to us by Danny Williams some 15 years ago? Why don’t we have our hospital on the west coast and our radiation unit that was promised to us by Dwight Ball and company a few years ago? Why do our children go to school hungry and our people have to go to food banks when we have more resources per capita than any other province or territory in the country? And, while we are at it, why did we let a company from another country come in here and take away one of the richest deposits of ore in the world, like scraping the icing off a cake?

Why do the people of Labrador have to drive on gravel roads when they could have built roads made of iron ore and had a bridge across the straits made of nickel from Voisey’s Bay? Why will we shiver in our homes because of Muskrat Falls while Nova Scotia will reap the benefits?

Why are seniors like me completely ignored by the people who sweet-talk us into voting for them and then come up with some smoke and mirrors scheme to shut us up for another four years? Come to think of it, why don’t we all get the hell out of here and don’t bother having the last one leaving turn of the lights because there won’t be any lights left on to turn off.

Scuttle the bloody ferry and leave our privileged politicians and filthy rich businesspeople to stew in their own mess?

We’ll all go to the mainland where we can buy a 12-pack for 16 bucks a pop.


Leo Quilty

Corner Brook  

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