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LETTER: Looking for answers

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

On September 6, 2018 I was about to send an email to the Premier, the Prime Minister, along with every MHA, MP and the Finance Minister of Canada to request some details on the various efforts our Government has ongoing in relation to the mitigation of power rates.

As I have sent messages prior to this, without response, I decided to make a request through freedom of information to find out if my email address was blocked by our premier. I sent this on Sept. 6, 2018 as well, requesting a list blocked email addresses and the number of blocked email addresses on both the Premiers account and his MHA account.

Well, I wish I could say I was surprised with the response, I was not.  On the government-controlled server on Sept. 6, 2018 there were 82 messages blocked and 70 email addresses. On his private Microsoft accounts 35 messages and 14 addresses blocked on his Premier account and none on his MHA account. To their credit, they did explain it could be spam accounts and messages that are blocked. However, the list of addresses were not forthcoming under Section 31 of the privacy act, and this is why I asked for the numbers as well because I knew this was going to be their response to my request for the list.

However, on Sept.7, the numbers decreased significantly. On the government servers the list dropped to 52 messages and 45 addresses. However, on the private Microsoft account on Sept. 7 the blocked email addresses jumped by one on both accounts.  Makes me wonder if I was added. Why they supplied Sept. 7 is beyond me other than to show me they made changes I guess.

I do note, as they referred to spam accounts, they still did not supply a list. If there were more spam accounts on the list, would they not supply it with his constituents addresses redacted? This leaves me to believe there are more constituents addresses than spam accounts and they would prefer not to send a list mainly redacted, not good for show.

I was not going to write a letter to Editor on their response but I think it is important for the people of this province to know, our premier has selected who can email him and who can not.  This from the Premier that stood up and said “If you can not listen, you can not lead”.  Well Premier Ball, it is time for you to start listening to the people of this province if you want to keep leading us beyond 2019, we want answers not promises.  What specifically, If anything, are you and your government doing to mitigate hydro rates from the boondoggle known as Muskrat Falls?

Just to let you know, I decided to email my questions every day until I received some acknowledgment from government. I have also added this daily on Twitter to the Premier Ball and Minister Coady. They can block me on Twitter but we all know the premier has his security staff watching his hashtag , so he knows my questions are out there.

Todd Lee

Deer Lake

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