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LETTER: My community is at a standstill

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

With reference to an article "Crime and Time" by Tara Bradbury in the Jan. 21 issue of The Western Star.

There are references made to the Highways Traffic Act, the Wildfire Act etc., the offences and some of the penalties imposed.

What about the Municipalities Act?

In our community, we have two councillors who allegedly violated this act and were automatically given a sentence to vacate their seats and go through the appeal process, which they did. Now, they are waiting until the Justice Department returns with a judgement.

The persons in question vacated their seats thirteen months ago and the appeal date was April 13, 2018. That is, in my opinion, a sentence for someone who offered their services basically as volunteers.

So, what about the community?

Going forward we are practically at a standstill. As a resident and tax payers don't we deserve better? We have been given permission to do some things ie. pay bills (money), issue permits (money), etc.

The position we are in as a community is certainly not going to increase our tax base.

Bruce Lidstone

Hughes' Brook

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