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LETTER: Purpose of Muskrat Falls Inquiry questioned

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

I have been sitting here going through the various news releases and posts on social media regarding the outrageous findings in the first part of this inquiry. While the intimate details we are finding out from the inquiry are by far what many of us call negligence on behalf of those in charge, but many of us naysayers, (or as Danny puts it, bottom feeders) expected this was the case anyway, and now we have proof. The next phase on post-sanctioning will likely, I suspect, show even more outrageous negligence in our eyes.
Then I thought to myself, I wonder, why is this inquiry truly on the go. The outcome of this will be nothing more than recommendations by the commissioner on how to ensure that this never happens again on the next megaproject. Charges are very unlikely. It might be possible for someone to have to answer to a misconduct allegation, but that will be done privately by the commission, and we will likely never see it.

Then I asked myself, when was the last megaproject undertaken in Newfoundland and Labrador? When do you think the next one could be undertaken? Take into consideration, we are going to be paying for this one for the next three generations.

The answer is likely never in our children’s children’s lifetime. Where do you think this commissioner’s report will be then? My guess is likely filed under G for garbage many, many years prior.
So then, what could be the true meaning of the purpose and timing of this inquiry, you might ask. Well, could it be a very, very expensive vote purchase by our current government administration? After all, who would want to vote for the people, proven by the inquiry, who are tied to a potential government administration that refuses to acknowledge there has been a complete misuse of power and their gross lack of due diligence on such a large expenditure? These are the same ones responsible for signing our rights away to reasonably priced necessities of life, power.
Consider that the final report is not due until after the general election is over and done.

The purpose and timing of this very expensive inquiry might be, which could have been started three years ago if they were truly interested in the results, for the current administration to stand up in front of the media next October and say, “Thank you for trusting in us to govern our province again for the next four years. Yours truly, the Liberals.”  

Not fiscally responsible at all in times of such large deficits.

Todd Lee

Deer Lake

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