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Letter to the Editor: Relocate crematorium

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear editor: Regarding neighborhood location of proposed crematorium in Deer Lake.

There is no doubt that adding a crematorium to an existing structure is cost effective. Unfortunately, this structure is presently a funeral home located in a small neighborhood and near residents, a school and a restaurant.

This letter is not to be misconstrued as being against the crematorium.

I wish Mr. Parsons to relocate and ask our town council to review all research presented to them for comparison to the undated single page submitted by Matthews International. No research submitted outside of this stated category should be considered, i.e. restaurant studies. The scientific community presents opposite studies and views on the total safety of crematoria emissions. Small communities across North America are successfully blocking neighborhood crematoriums based on available data.

Kudos to Corner Brook city council for their due diligence. To be clear, one will not find absolutes in any literature.

The literature for this is too numerous to list.

The crematorium industry is unregulated. There is no oversight at all to ensure health and safety of residents. No air and soil sampling near these businesses are listed.

Much of the outdated data regarding this comes from Matthews Cremation Manufacturing Company, which has branches in all areas of the death services industry.

My question is simple: in the absence of proof or disproof regarding safety to health, why not err of the side of caution?

I am asking the town council for due diligence on research that has been presented to the council and ask Mr. Parsons to withdraw his permit.

There can only be honour in saying we will do the right thing.

Relocate, Mr. Parsons.

Phyllis Morris, Deer Lake

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