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Letter to the Editor: Saddened at the way we are treated

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor: It’s been awhile now since I have taken my pen in hand to write a letter to The Western Star on an issue that I felt was very important.

Last year Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went to Labrador to give a formal apology to the Indigenous People, which I applaud.

But today I strongly feel that a formal apology by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is needed to be given to the Mi’kmaq People of this province.

After all it was Joey Smallwood who said that there were no Indians in Newfoundland, which caused most of the problems that our people are having today in trying to regain their stolen identity.

The Liberal government was in power when this happened. For that I also feel that Premier Dwight Ball should come forward to show some support towards the rebirth of the Mi’kmaq People of this province. After all there are thousands of us who could help him get re-elected in the next election.

Our people have been faced with all kinds of setbacks. Families are being separated by a point system trying to regain their birthright. One would think that we were playing some kind of a game. It’s very sad indeed.

All down through the history of the Mi’kmaq people, black marks have been put on us — black marks that not even time can erase.

Today as I look at my life, the life of our people, I am saddened at the way we are treated — the injustice that has been cast upon us.

Someone needs to be held accountable for this damage, the loss, the mistreatment towards us. We are humans who deserve better.

I have listened to a lot of remarks one would think that they were racist remarks. But I hold my own and come back strong. I know who I am. Today, like yesterday, I fear no man.

I have strong beliefs, I respect everyone and I don’t care about the colour of their skin. We are all God’s children who deserve nothing less.

That is why today I strongly feel that a formal apology by both levels of government is long over due.

Frank Russell, Port au Port, Kitpu warrior

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