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Time to speak up about tags

Dear editor: Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, it’s time to fight for our basic rights to feed ourselves off the sea and land.

Our wonderful federal government, in the name of Judy Foote, has figured out yet another level of useless bureaucracy to fix something that is simply not broken.

We hear from the federal fisheries spin doctors there have been a whole 78 violations of the recreational cod fishery this past year. Well, whoopee. What does that equate to, 100, maybe 200 fish? Probably because someone with basic common sense put back fish 12 inches long and a few seagulls probably had a nice feed. Oh yes, it’s all going to go to hell in a hand basket if we do not have more bureaucracy. And, of course, tags would only be introduced in this province to keep us all in line and be thankful for the crumbs from the government.

What should be done here is open the recreational cod fishing season from May 1 to Oct. 21, with the same limits and same dates as last year, and on every other day a five-fish boat limit. The much-needed business and commerce this creates, and will continue to create, is fabulous.

Oh yes, and they really have to have a better way to estimate what is being caught — sounds like a line from a “Dumb and Dumber” movie. If our high-paid scientists cannot figure this out, hire a high school student.

Judy Foote, we’ve had enough of this. You can let her know how you feel by emailing

Shawn Williams, St. John’s

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