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Vacuum serenade (Marble Minimal)

The toilet often closed for cleaning

As morning crowd in lodge convening.

They don ski gear and quietly groan

At vacuum suckers background drone.


The hooverer, moves on through:

"Excuse me sir, I've work to do"

The cable stretched across the floor,

May trip them up as head for door.


The schedule's set to clean the place

When paying people in a race

To empty bowels before downhill

And fill with thrills the access bill.


You'd think to rid the mess before

They'd open wide the public door:

The ambient music often drowned

By vacuous serenade profound.


Expansion plans bemused the board,

For land and money, proposals soared.

Mind more for minimal needs to fill: -

Open toilets, and an open hill.


John Tuach

Pynn's Brook

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