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What about White Hills?

Skiers at White Hills Ski Resort earlier this season.
Skiers at White Hills Ski Resort earlier this season.

CLARENVILLE, N.L. — A recent winter tourism decision by the province has the Town of Clarenville irked, concerning White Hills, the local ski hill in the eastern portion of Newfoundland and Labrador.

However, I'm very passionate about skiing and the existence of White Hills Ski Resort, and outraged with the province's latest goodwill gesture at Marble.

Isn't it government's responsibility to support and protect small business and operations such as White Hill Ski?

Below is a post I shared on Facebook last evening:

Albeit, I'm very grateful that my west coast friends have an extended ski season.

I'm very disappointed that Minister Mitchelmore and the province has made this decision, which essentially is being paid by our hard earned tax dollars, and creating direct competition for a non-for-profit ski resort who does not, by the way, rely on subsidies from the province; and challenges to operate, however contributes to it's local economy substantially as a result of it's existence. I'm referring to the most White Hills Ski Resort. I feel that this promotion is irresponsible and disrespectful to this region and I challenge the Department of Tourism, Culture Industry and Innovation, and Minister Mitchelmore to be accountable for such a decision and provide a subsidy to White Hills in order to offer the same.

White Hills Ski faces many challenges, such as bad weather and lack of infrastructure.

However, the organization always manages to keep the resort open, providing great winter fun and a significant contribution to the local economy.

They don't receive $900,000 annual subsidies from the provincial government to operate. They operate on the revenue they generate. I can't believe that the province was so careless to create a more competitive environment for the hill when they had a small window to generate extra revenue with an extended ski season. 

Please consider as well, why do the folks who can get to the west coast have the opportunity to ski for free, but those who can't travel across the province have to pay for their skiing at White Hills? 

It’s very poor decision making by Department of Tourism, Culture Industry and Innovation.

Carol Warren, Goulds

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