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Letter to the Editor: Let there be light

letter to the editor
letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

How many Newfoundlanders does it take to change a light bulb? More specifically, how many does it take to change 19 light bulbs in the lantern-style street lighting in Corner Brook’s downtown?

Some detail is required here for all to follow along, so come with me for a little walk in our beautiful downtown at night.

Let’s begin.

If we were to start in front of The Western Star (where three consecutive lamps are dark) and walk down to City Pharmacy, you will count 11 lantern streetlights that are inoperable.

Some have the string of beaded lights working that run from the base of the lamp to the top but the main light at the top is off. Continue with me as we walk down Main Street and go past the old post office towards the Millbrook Mall and up Herald Avenue and you count six more lantern lights not working.

Let's now go up and down Broadway where we first notice the lantern light off at the crosswalk in front of Subway. Turn right and you will soon see the entire light smashed off in front of Altronics.

To recap: 11 on West Street, plus 6 on Main Street, plus 2 on Broadway/Herald Aveneue equals a grand total of 19!

For the sake of space allotted me to write this letter let's put aside the safety issue of people walking at night.

Let’s also park the importance of a well-lit area for viewing surveillance video and policing. Not to mention the role of the Downtown Business Association in monitoring infrastructure. Instead, I want to concentrate on the numerous times we heard during the recent municipal election the importance of the downtown core.

Here's a suggestion to our newly minted council: how about we light up those 19 lanterns and improve the visibility as locals and tourists walk at night in the focal part of our city?

How will city/NL Power employees find these 19 lantern lights amongst all the lighting in daylight hours when no street lights are on so as to make repairs? Great question.

I've tied a small piece of orange marking tape to the base of each lamp that is inoperable.

Who at the City of Corner Brook would like to contact the right people and light up the downtown once again?

Bern Kenny, Corner Brook

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