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Much of Western Brook Pond’s enjoyment may now be a distant memory


Dear Editor: I read with interest the letter of the changes at Western Brook Pond and, in particular, the loss of the scenic path to make way for a wide road.

My family and I had already booked our boat trip so were a little concerned upon seeing your reader’s comments on these changes. I know it is early days and some work has still to be undertaken in the coming year.

I have to agree with your reader’s comments. I am a regular visitor to the island and in the summer and autumn my wife and I always like to take the trail to the pond. It is invigorating and a healthy activity for we not so young in years. I fear much of that enjoyment may now be a distant memory.

The old footpath had charm and was mainly untouched, other than for some regular maintenance. The wildlife habitat was at one’s fingertips and it was a real joy just to be so close to nature. I have some difficulty believing that the new road will substantially enhance wheelchair use, but accept that all members of the public have a right to free movement, and certainly nobody should be denied the right to enjoy the beauty of the island’s attractions. However, I am less convinced about access for medical services but I would be interested to know whether statistics exist to prove otherwise.

Surely someone could have come up with a better plan to improve access while retaining what was previously a picturesque pathway?

Norman Wilson, United Kingdom

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