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Female baseball division being introduced in Corner Brook

Kelly Taylor-Hulan made no bones about why she wanted to get involved with minor baseball in the city and it appears she accomplished one of her goals.

Erin Hulan

Taylor-Hulan attended a meeting of the Corner Brook Baseball Association earlier this year to express her desire to have a female division implemented in the minor system. She’s taking a lead role in getting the ball rolling on getting females in the 8-14 age bracket on the field with hopes of forming a couple of teams in two different divisions.

She got her wish and so did Erin — her 11-year-old daughter who has been playing with the boys for a couple of years. For the first time in the history of Corner Brook baseball, there will be a female division this summer when the minor program gets underway at Jubilee Field.

Taylor-Hulan says she was told by her daughter that she found the game boring when she went on the diamond with boys. Her mom got a better understanding of what her daughter was saying after checking out the action and seeing for herself that her daughter would find more contentment and interaction with female players.

There’s only a been a handful of females sprinkled throughout the male teams over the past few years so Erin is happy knowing she can play with the girls this summer.

She plays female hockey with the Corner Brook U12 team so she is looking forward to playing on an all-female baseball team with some of her friends, especially some of her hockey buddies in an effort to keep the team a close-knit group.

She’s also hoping others will give the game a try to ensure there’s plenty of action on the diamond.

“There’s definitely not a lot of people who are going to be at a higher level than them there, so it’s not going to be as hard for them to catch up either,” Erin said of her message to those contemplating picking up the game this summer.

Her mom said it’s only early in the promotion of the good news, but things are looking pretty rosy, even as snow is still covering the diamond.

“The buzz seems to be really getting out there and I’m getting a lot of enquiries about girls baseball,” she said.

Female players won’t have to wait until the snow goes to check out the game. The local association will have a number of female sessions on the weekly schedule during the spring baseball program, which gets underway Monday night at Grenfell Campus gymnasium.

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