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Davis wins chance to rub shoulders with Canada’s elite curlers

Donna Davis thought somebody was pulling her leg. She wouldn’t believe that she and husband Cal would get a chance to have dinner with two of Canada’s finest curlers.

She’s glad it was no prank because she’s an avid curler who would embrace a chance to rub shoulders with two curlers who have been dominant forces on the Canadian curling scene.

Brad Jacobs is the defending Olympic men’s curling champion and Rachel Homan, a world bronze medalist, was the winning skip at both the 2013 and 2014 national Scotties women’s curling championships.

Davis, through a national contest sponsored by Pinty’s called Sweep the Town with the Pros, will spend a few hours with the two curling stars June 25 in Corner Brook.

Davis was selected out of a random draw with over 1,000 entries from across the country. The contest was open to folks from coast to coast, and it wasn’t limited to just those who throw stones for fun.

Her husband entered her name in the draw, not having any inkling she would be lucky enough to win it.

She recently retired after 35 years of service with the RCMP, but before she walked away from her job she got a call at her office back in February from a Pinty’s representative who informed her of the good news.

She wouldn’t believe what she was hearing from the man on the other end of the phone so she asked him to confirm it’s for real.  The caller did so and then she was over the moon.

“I was really skeptical, but then when I found it was for real I was so excited I was dancing down the hall way,” she said with a light chuckle.

She realized very quickly it’s not every day you get picked to meet high-profile athletes and be their guests for dinner. She could have just shared the dinner date with family and friends, but opted to hold an open reception at the Blomidon Golf and Country Club so anybody interested in meeting them could drop by in an informal setting and get an autograph or a picture taken with them.

She will arrive at Blomidon via limousine and immediately following the reception her and Cal will join Jacobs and Homan for dinner at the Glynmill Inn. She never thought she would win the contest, but now she’s glad to share the good news with her fellow curlers, even going as far as extending an invite to curlers in Stephenville.

The winner being a curler is something Davis believes was something officials at Pinty’s certainly embraced.

“They were really happy that somebody who curls won it because I would imagine a curler would appreciate these two more than anyone,” she said.

Having the two curlers make a special appearance in the city is something she knows would never have happened if she didn’t win the contest so she hopes the general public will come join her at Blomidon.

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